At FBC your vision is our goal. Whether it is transforming an outdated bathroom, adding a casita or building a 5000 square foot home, FBC is there to build it with you at every step of the way. With a combined experience of over 50 years, our projects and results speak for themselves. We do work in the Las Vegas area including, Boulder City, Henderson, and surrounding areas.Our Bid system ensures that every line item is accounted for and there are no unexpected expenses. An accurate bid is the start to a well-budgeted project.

Demo before Remodel

To recreate your home, you have to Demo or Destroy before remodelKitchen during DemoWhen envisioning your project, its easy to get lost in the final product. The shiny counters with the fresh wood cabinetry; The floor without a single foot print on it. All the lights shining on everything new like in a show room. First comes the Demo before remodelBefore you get to that point, you also have to envision and expect a giant mess in your home. This is the Demo stage. Of course if you can afford it, you could check into a hotel and live off Room Service for a while. You could also … [Read More...]

Wine Storage Progress

In this project, there are other areas that we are working on so the building of the wine storage area has been slow to say the least. With last minute decisions that impact the final finished look of the walls, along with other parts of project, this area will be a sight to behold once it is finished.I will not give you anymore of the details, I'd rather show you once it is done. In the meantime, enjoy these progress pictures.Progress PicturesThe first pictures shows a full size beam; 12" X 12" X 10' long. The weight on each of these beams is wild. 2 factors decided the type of … [Read More...]